Wood Kitchenware Made by American Craftsmen

Making Beautiful Wood Kitchenware

Aaron turns wood in the family workshop in central Indiana. His father, an engineer, began doing the wood repair for his mother's upholstery business. What started in their garage years ago became a full-fledged woodworking operation creating custom furniture and gorgeous kitchenware. They use locally-grown wood, often using storm-damaged trees or repurposing the wood collected by tree cutting services.

wood kitchenware usaHow did you get into your craft?

"I started with my dad as a kid. Then started building furniture for family and friends, and got more jobs just by word of mouth. I ran it as a side business through college. When I realized how much I liked making custom furniture and other projects, I decided to stick with it after college. I got into kitchenware through the wood scraps left over in making furniture. Lots of pieces that are not very useful for furniture, but can make a lot of cutting boards or any other kitchen utensil."

What do you look forward to the most in your work?

"Favorite bit is right before things are done, when I start putting oil on the cutting board or whatever item. The wood looks a little drab up until that point, then as you put the oil on it really pops."

What would you say to a young person who wants to do what you do?

"Work hard, learn everything you possibly can. Keep working hard, keep learning. There is more in woodworking to learn than any one person could learn in their entire lifetime."

Try their kitchen utensils made from hard maple. Or get the cutting boards and pizza peels that get their extraordinary contrast in color by using maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, ash, various oaks, and heartwood poplar.

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wood kitchenware made in america

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