Wagon Side Chair

  • The Wagon Side Chair is a gorgeous piece of hand-crafted furniture. The back, sides and legs of the chair are designed to resemble the types of furniture one might find in furniture store while traveling through the Appalachian Mountains. The foundation of the chair bears resemblance to a the knobby bark of an oak tree, which gives the piece a rustic look. The cushion of the chair is plush and designed with comfort in mind. Shoppers can also select the type of fabric they would like to upholster their chair with and there are several different selections to chose from. This chair is perfect for enjoying a quiet evening by the fire or sitting out on the front porch with friends.

    The Wagon Side Chair comes in different styles; customers can select the finish they would like to find on their chair and can select the chair back itself.

    Wagon Side Chair Information

    • 20"W by 22"D x 48"H
    • Approximately 35 lbs.
    • Curved chair back with three wooden spokes

    Ordering and Shipping your Wagon Side Chair

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