Twin Peaks Settee

  • The Twin Peaks Settee is a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind product modeled after the furniture of certain Native American tribes. This settee features a frame made of polished, dark wood that curves across the back of the settee, creating an elegant design. The legs of the Twin Peaks Settee are also crafted from wood designed to look like the exterior of an ancient tree. The bottom of the settee is padded with a comfortable, soft brown leather while the back of the settee features a fabric patterned with nature designs that look like they belong on the wall of a tribal meeting place. These elements all come together to create an elegant and unique piece of furniture that is sure to draw eyes every time someone walks into your home.

    The Twin Peaks Settee can be customized to suit your decorative needs. There are five different wood finishes to chose from, ensuring that you can find the one that is right for you.

    Twin Peaks Settee Information

    • 45 inches Wide, 22 inches Deep, 42 inches High
    • Other varieties of settees available too

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