Twin Peaks Barstool

  • The Twin Peaks Barstool is not like the barstools are often found in traditional restaurants, lodges and homes. This unique piece is approximately 44 inches tall and a comfortable 22 inches wide and 22 inches deep, making it a relaxing place to sit. This piece differs from other barstools because of its style; the Twin Peaks Barstool looks more like a traditional chair, loosing the circular design often found on most barstools. The design of the Twin Peaks Barstool makes it more comfortable than your normal barstool, because it has a tall back, which provides support and comfort. This piece also features a plush upholstered back and steal, which only add to the comfort and style of the piece. This item is sure to catch everyone's eye with its one-of-a-kind design.

    When ordering the Twin Peaks Barstool, customers have the option to customize their piece and select from five different wood finishes and different fabrics.

    Twin Peaks Barstool Information

    • 20 inches Wide, 20 inches Deep, 44 inches High
    • Several other barstool varieties available

    Ordering and Shipping your Twin Peaks Barstool

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