Swivel Slingshot Barstool

  • Ensuring that the pieces of furniture in your home are both comfortable and stylish can sometimes be a struggle. Luckily, with the Swivel Slingshot Barstool, the perfect blend of style and comfort is not something that you have to worry about. With this piece, you are guaranteed to have both. The Swivel Slingshot Barstool has a plush seat and a high back, perfect for lounging around. The bottom of the chair has rungs, so instead of letting your feet dangle, they can rest comfortably on the chair itself. The frame is made of rustic, dark, knotted wood that gives the piece a hand crafted look. The back of the chair adds to the look with branch-like designs. This piece also features a swivel design, which makes moving around in the chair easy and convenient.

    When purchasing the Slingshot Barstool, customers have the option to customize the type of finish they would like, as well as what type of fabric they would like to use for the cushion.

    Swivel Slingshot Barstool Information

    • 24 inches Wide, 24 inches Deep, 44 inches High
    • Several other barstool varieties available

    Ordering and Shipping your Swivel Slingshot Barstool

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