Square Wood Game Table

Improve Your Family Game Night

We call it game table, you can call it whatever your family needs. Pull it out for family game night, get everyone laughing together and the table will be the last thing on your mind.

  • Square Hickory Wood Game Table Information

    • 40"W x 40"L
    • 30"H
    • Built when you order
    • Hickory wood grown and table made in America
    • Freight shipping

    Great in the kitchen, holding odds and ends, stacked with your bar supplies, or tucked in the corner of a room that needs a table but not too big. The important stuff is that it's heavy hickory wood, square at 40" on each side, and 2.5' high.

    A conveniently-sized square table suitable for many occasions. Also available as a round game table.

    Ordering and Shipping your square wood game table

    Say you want one, pay for it, and we'll get it built and shipped to you.   Inspect your square wood game table before accepting it, don't let a driver rush you into signing for any item as received in good condition until you have confirmed that it is.  Freight deliveries of the hickory wood game table  almost always go fine, however through experience we know that people sign without checking, and the consignee is responsible for damage not noted on bill of lading.  Take the time to make sure no damage has occurred, then enjoy your new square hickory wood game table. 

  • Order, receive, put it in the will (‘cause this quality lasts forever).
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