Salt and Pepper Combo

Blue & Wood
Red & Striped
All Wood
Black & Red Dots
Green & Striped
Black & Dots
Yellow & Red
Black & White Stripes
Green & Green Dots
Red & Orange
Blue & Red Dots
Wood & Black
Coffee & Lime
Black Striped & White Dotted
Wood Dots & Stripes
Lime & Coffee
Aqua & Red
Red Striped & Black Dotted
Lime & Orange
Orange & Lime Striped
Purple & Raspberry
Aqua & Stripes
Black & Coffee
Wood Striped & Black
Orange & Yellow
Red & Black
Purple & Lime
Aqua & Lime Striped

Improve Your Dining Experience

Don't settle for average in your home.

  • A beautiful addition to your table, as well as a function tool you'll use every day. Salt in the top and pepper in the bottom, both with adjustable grinding  coarseness. 
  • Wipe with a clean towel.
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