Rustic Wood Bar Stool

Give Your Home a Rustic Upgrade

If you've been looking for a heavy wooden bar stool with a rustic style, check out now and get your table ready because this bar stool can meet your needs.

  • Rustic Wooden Barstool Information

    • 20" wide
    • 20" deep
    • 44" tall
    • Grown and made in USA
    • Ships via freight
    • Used at fancy lodge lounge bars and personal rustic retreats

    Matching your interior decor with the rustic bar stool of your choice is a breeze with the numerous wood finish options available on this item. Leather, cane or wood rails can adorn your bar stool, or go the custom route and find your ideal fabric then send it to us. A one-of-a-kind bar stool that fits perfectly in your personal style is the result. This rustic bar stool has a 20" by 20" rectangular seat and is carefully crafted to sit evenly on all four legs. Whether you spell bar stool as two words or one, this barstool has the rustic appearance from their hickory tree source in five different stains and finishes. Also available in a style that has a branch crossbar instead of straight.

    Ordering and shipping your rustic wood bar stool

    Add to Cart, check out, and we'll get it built and shipped to you.   Inspect your rustic wood bar stool before accepting it, don't let a driver rush you into signing for any item as received in good condition until you have confirmed that it is. Freight deliveries of the rustic wood bar stool  almost always go fine, however through experience we know that people sign without checking, and the consignee is responsible for damage not noted on bill of lading.  Take the time to make sure no damage has occurred, then enjoy your new rustic wood barstool.

    Questions or Feedback about the rustic wood barstool? Let us know

    Call, email, or fill out the form at our contact page, referencing "rustic wood barstool".
  • Order, receive, put it in the will (‘cause this quality lasts forever).
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