Mantel per foot

  • Bring home your passion for simple rustic living through this rugged mantel sized to your specifications. A hewn stick facing runs the length of this detailed piece that can be mounted over an existing fireplace or on a wall. The seemingly random arrangements of cut sticks on a finished panel integrate with a peeled bark edge. A smooth narrow top accommodates a clock, family pictures, vases or other heirloom items that make your home a home.

    Hewn sticks and rugged details create a mantel that brings home your passion for simple rustic living.

    Mantel Per Foot Information

    • Your choice of length
    • Custom mantel - we will contact you with order to learn exactly what you need

    Ordering and Shipping your Mantel

    Add to cart, check out, and we'll get your items shipped to you right away.   Inspect your Mantel,sign for the delivery, then enjoy the addition to your home. 

    Questions or feedback on the Mantel?

    Call, email, or fill out the form at our contact page, referencing "Mantel".
  • Order, receive, put it in the will (‘cause this quality lasts forever).
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