Indiana Stepping Stone

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Don't settle for average when it comes to your lawn. Made from aggregate stone, these reliable patio blocks bring pure Indiana charm to mind.

    • State of Indiana Stepping Stone Information

        • Dimensions: 19"L, 12"W, 2"H
        • Weight: 25 lbs.
        • Made from stone aggregate

      Indiana, oh Indiana, oh Indiana we're all for you. Step right up and show you are a true Hoosier with this Indiana-shaped stepping stone chiseled in the shapes of the state. This Indiana stepping stone shows your state pride on your lawn or footpath.

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  • It is recommended to clean stepping stones once per year. Buildup of dirt and grime is simply unavoidable especially if the stones are in a garden. Sweep stones clean and lightly hose off dirt every so often to keep up appearance of stones and make deeper clean easier. Preventative cleaning is always a good idea. For deeper cleaning you can power wash stones.

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