Hickory Five Drawer Dresser

Give Your Bedroom a Rustic Upgrade

A full size hickory dresser for your clothes in completing a classic American bedroom with high quality furniture. Five drawers, four legs, three dimensions, two knobs per drawer, one smooth top.

  • Hickory Five Drawer Dresser Information

    • 36" wide 
    • 20" deep
    • 54" tall
    • Approximately 100 lbs. 
    • Built when you order
    • Grown and made in America
    • Freight shipping
    • 5 drawers

    36 inches wide, 20 inches deep, 54 inches tall, this five-drawer chest is ready for the bedroom of your cabin, mountain house, primary residence or wherever you want to put a beautiful full-size dresser that will last a long, long time.

    Full-size dresser standing four and a half feet tall with five drawers. Holds clothes, particularly sweaters, and the top drawer is an ideal place to put your passport under your socks.

    Ordering and Shipping your hickory wood 5 drawer dresser

    Add to Cart, check out, and we'll get it built and shipped to you.   Inspect your hickory five drawer dresser before accepting it, don't let a driver rush you into signing for any item as received in good condition until you have confirmed that it is.  Freight deliveries of the hickory wood 5 drawer dresser with shelf  almost always go fine, however through experience we know that people sign without checking, and the consignee is responsible for damage not noted on bill of lading.  Take the time to make sure no damage has occurred, then enjoy your new hickory wood 5 drawer dresser. 
  • Order, receive, put it in the will (‘cause this quality lasts forever).
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