Elk Side Chair

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With a stained wood finish and a plush cushion, the Elk Side Chair will make a great addition to any room and will add a rustic taste to any decor. This piece looks like something out of an antique hunting lodge and is sure to be a talking point for all guests.

  • Elk Side Chair Information

    • 24"W by 22"D by 38"H
    • Great accent piece
    • Seat can be your fabric, our fabric, cane or leather

    This piece stands out due to the back of the chair, which features a carving of a majestic elk, which is sure to catch the attention of anyone who walks into the room. Whether you plan on relaxing in front of a roaring fire or watching the sun rise out on your porch, the Elk Side Chair is a comfortable and beautiful piece, perfect for any room.

    Customers can select which finish they prefer for their chair to ensure that the Elk Side Chair fits in with any room in their room. The style of the chair set is also up to the customer as well; shoppers can select the style of the fabric on the seat or chose a different material all together.

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