Curtain Rods

Give Your Home a Rustic Upgrade

These rustic curtain rods show you haven't missed a single detail in your quest to bring the backwoods into your home. A simple construction of cut and doweled sticks provide a set of natural brackets that integrate with your windows or walls.

  • Curtain Rods Information

    • Your choice of length
    • Price listed is per foot
    • Custom curtain rods - we will contact you with order to learn exactly what you need

    Hewn sticks cut to length leverage their natural strength and stature to provide a supportive rod for your curtains or drapes.

    Ordering and Shipping your Curtain Rods

    Add to cart, check out, and we'll get your items shipped to you right away.   Inspect your Curtain Rods,sign for the delivery, then enjoy the addition to your home. 

    Questions or feedback on the Curtain Rods?

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  • Order, receive, put it in the will (‘cause this quality lasts forever).
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