Cross with Dogwood Flowers

  • 5" x 7" cross to hang on the wall, covered with beautiful flowers of the Dogwood tree. The design was engraved on a die by a master engraver, then cut, hammered, anvilled, edged, colored, polished and formed by a talented team of American artisans.

    The Dogwood tree has been posited as one of the possible trees that made up the cross of Christ's crucifixion. It flowers around Easter, its four petals make a cross, and the indentations at the end of each petal look like they could have been made by nails. It's a fitting flower to combine with the cross, and this beautiful piece hangs peacefully and joyfully on the wall.

    The details of your new favorite decorative tray:

    • 7" by 5"
    • Pewter
  • Wash with warm water. Towel dry.
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