Branch Arm Loveseat

Put a Little Love in Your Living Room

The Branch Arm Loveseat calls to mind the interior of a snug and cozy ski resort high up in the mountains.

  • Branch Arm Loveseat Information

    • 68 inches Wide, 36 inches Deep, 36 inches High
    • Loveseat also available with straight arms (without the Y-shaped branch)

    The wooden frame of this piece is designed to look homemade, complete with knots and bark on the wood. The arms of this piece feature an ornate design made from the branch work and provide a comfortable place to rest your arms while relaxing. The fabric features an eye-catching design of moose, leaves and other woodland items and is sure to be an attention getter. You can also purchase the Branch Arm Loveseat with straight arms, instead of the intricate twisting designs seen on this model. The Branch Arm Loveseat is a perfect way to bring the snug atmosphere of a ski resort to your own home.

    In order to ensure that you'll love the Branch Arm Loveseat for years to come, you can choose from five different styles of wood finish for your piece.

    Ordering and Shipping your Branch Arm Loveseat

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