Wooden Bowl Q&A

Can wooden bowls go in the dishwasher? 

No. A dishwasher just takes all of the oils out of the wood. Totally out. When we sell to restaurants, first thing we say is not to put them in that 500 degree dishwasher. Restaurants either hand wash them, or they crack them and then buy new ones. 

How to wash a wooden salad bowl?

Wash with warm, soapy water. You don't want to apply too much heat. 

Can I put a wood bowl in the microwave?

No. The heat is way, way, way too hot. The bowl will crack and split. Simple fact.

how to care for wooden bowls

How to care for wooden salad bowls? 

If a bowl starts looking dry or dull, then you want to use a little Bee's Oil, mineral oil, or walnut oil. (Don't ever use vegetable oil.) Just refresh the bowl to keep it looking great. Just rub in a bit of Bee's Oil, which is a blend of beeswax and food-grade mineral oil. This stuff is food-safe, you could put it on toast if you want to. Don't let them dry out, that's the whole thing.

What kind of wood is used for salad bowls? 

Cherry, beech, hard maple, and red oak mostly. Walnut, honey locust, and ash too, though those can be harder to come by. 

What wood are bowls made of? 

The type of wood to choose is all about personal preference on appearance. Cherry and walnut are a little more stable woods than beech. Beech cracks once in a while by comparison, but it's a lighter color that a lot of people love.

Why are salad bowls made of wood? 

Long-standing tradition. A  lot of people swear by their old-fashioned Caesar salad bowls. They've used dressings in it hundreds of times, but cared for the bowl and it still looks great. 

Where can i buy a wooden bowl? 

Right here at AllenBooth.com. You've made it! 

Instructions for cleaning wood bowls: 

To MAINTAIN your bowl, use food-grade Bee's oil or mineral oil only. These oils penetrate natural wood surfaces and protect against drying, splitting, and cracking. 
Rub oil inside and out with a soft cloth once per month or if wood looks or feels dry. 
Wash with soap and warm water.
Rinse and dry immediately. 
Do not allow your wooden bowl to soak in water.
Do not put in dishwasher, which is too hot. 
Do not use vegetable oil, which can turn rancid.

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