Wood Cutting Boards

The kitchen may be the center of your house, and the cutting board may be the center of your kitchen. It all happens here with fresh veggies and so many ingredients passing by as you feed your (and sometimes other people's) family. Treat yourself to the right size, a design that makes you smile, and the function that helps make your day the easiest. 

Perfect gift! Choose from 5 sizes and 7 types for the ideal present at your preferred budget. 

5 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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7 types: 

Choose from Standard, Round, Handles, Grooves, Handle & Groove, Herringbone and End Grain.

big cutting boards all


Juice Groove - Working with fruits or meats and just know juices are going to be on the move? Add the juice groove and contain liquid spills.

Handle - How do you like working with your cutting board - one hand always carrying the board around or mostly stationary and maximizing counter space? Personal preference here, available with handle or without. 

Patterns - Herringbone and End Grain cutting boards add a richness to the kitchen with their skillful artisanal design 


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