Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

This Valentine’s Day don’t settle for the same old same old gift of flowers & chocolates. You want your gift to be special and be made with as much love & care as you have for your loved one.

The kitchen is the heart of the house because food brings families together. Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach so this Valentine’s Day add extra love to the kitchen. Cooking and baking are acts of love so it is only fitting to have the tools for the perfect dish in the shape of hearts made to last. With all of the love and care that is put into each meal it is important to make sure that just as much love and care is put into the products used in the kitchen. You can see our selection of heart shaped kitchen utensils here:

Heart Shaped Products

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons with Quotes

These heart shaped measuring spoons have sweet quotes on them.


Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

These heart shaped measuring spoons have arrow handles.


Heart Shaped Tea Strainer

This heart shaped tea strainer is 6 inches long and will ensure every cup of tea has a healthy dose of love in it.


Heart Shaped Spice Spoons

These heart shaped spice spoons have arrow handles.


Heart Shaped Spatula

This heart shaped pancake spatula is made of stainless steel and adds more love to every breakfast.


Heart Shaped Cake Server

This heart shaped cake server is made of stainless steel and has a wood handle. Make sure every piece of birthday cake is served with love.


Heart Shaped Flour Scoop

This heart shaped flour scoop has an arrow shaped handle and ensures all of your baked goods are filled with love.


Heart Shaped Coffee Scoop

This heart shaped coffee scoop contains one tablespoon and will help you start off your day the right way.

At Allen Booth we believe in selling high quality products made by American Craftsmen. Products mass produced overseas just don’t have the love that makes a product perfect for your home. If you have any questions about our products then contact us today!

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