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Beri owns and operates a glass marble factory, a job description few can claim. Together with her team of 28 skilled workers they take recycled glass and turn it into marbles used in a wide range of applications. Their concerns are things like the Coefficiency of Expansion (COE), making sure that the center of a marble does not cool faster than the outside, which could cause the marble to burst. On any given day she could interact with industrial executives or kindergarten students, and deal with colorful decorative marble collections or heavy grimy machinery.

marbles made in usaHow did you get into your craft?

"My dad began working here in 1949 when the company started. In late 1920's the founder Berry Pink began selling marbles, and by the mid 40s, he sold more marbles than the glass factory would make. My father worked here his entire life, got a portion of stock. I worked here in summers during college, then more as Dad's health declined. I took over in 1991 my mother worked here too until 2003."

What do you look forward to the most in your work?

"One of the things I like most about being a part of this environment is that it reaches a broad group of people. Different groups, different companies, never doing the same thing twice. People exploring new applications, new uses for marbles. 'Can this be done?' and I respond 'Don't know till we try'. So we accept those challenges, and it's a lot of fun along the way. Yesterday we had 50 kindergarten kids here. We let them in the gift shop and say Touch everything, the opposite of any museum they've ever been to. We originated with kids playing with marbles, and that is still important to us. After all playing marbles is the world's oldest organized sport."

What would you say to a young person who wants to do what you do?

"It's great give it a try! You will never be bored. We would not been able to succeed without a team. As we address new innovations and challenges, we are able to do it because of such an incredible team of people working together to meet those challenges."

marbles made in usa

These spherical beauties are the only marbles still made in the USA. When the techniques to mass-produce marbles were created along the upper reaches of the Ohio River, several manufacturers operated for decades in the region. Decades later low overseas production costs drove all but one out of business, who with continued innovation and tons of recycled glass the factory continued to hang on. Now you can get American made marbles in thirty colors shipped to your door in 100-marble packs ready for your creative use. Fill your home with color using beautiful glass marbles! Buy marbles or glass gems

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