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Making Concrete Aggregate Patio Decor

making concrete patio decor

Josh became a concrete artisan through a combination of family history, opportunity, and the desire to work for himself. Now not only does he produce bird baths and benches, but custom jobs such as statues that stand in front of local churches. He relishes the opportunity to provide beautiful work that adorns people's lawns and lasts for years exposed to the elements.

How did you get into your craft?

"Dad had worked with concrete before, so I saw it when I was young. He also worked at GM at the same time, so he was only getting three or four hours sleep. Eventually he had to stop, and the equipment pretty much just sat there for eight years. I was doing lawn and sprinkler maintenance, but wanted to get into concrete work. When I was able to make the jump, I expanded on what he had done. Started new molds and making a wider product line. I've been in it for six years now, sending product to twenty-eight states."

What do you look forward to most in your work?

"Making the product. I'm all hands on. I do the paperwork and computer work too, so the time just in actual production is great. I use the best chemicals, paints, and base. I don't want any complaints. I put my name on the line, it's my reputation if something goes wrong, so I'm just out to make a good product. It sounds easy,but it's not. Making concrete flat is easy, but adding curves and grooves and beveled edges is hard."

What would you say to a young person who wants to do what you do?

"Just keep at it. There are going to be setbacks, but work through them. If you know what you want to do, just keep trying until you get there."

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