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To help you make the ideal home for your family, we make quality goods. Designed to last a lifetime, made from generations of expert craftsmanship. 

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Spotlight on American Craftsmen

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Much of the Allen Booth story is the difference between generations. My grandfather thought mechanically and could fix anything with his hands. He was a marine, a printer, a mechanic, a teacher, and an upholsterer. I learned in the computer lab that replaced his print shop and now press buttons for a living, producing photos and writing the stories of creators. Having grown up in a world of cheap mass production, where it's better to replace than repair something, I desired more quality, less stuff. That's why we are: 

  • Well-made goods for your kitchen and home
  • Care and craftsmanship in production
  • Interviews to share the path to master craftsmanship
  • Promoting apprenticeship and the teaching of trade skills 


It is the story of similarities between generations too. At the end of the day, my grandfather was putting a product in the hands of a person, just like we do at Allen Booth.  Like anything, it's the people. 


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Allen Booth Craftsmanship Scholarship

Mastery of working with wood, metal, glass and more is a human achievement that is valuable to learn. Mastery of anything is an admirable skill in an era of cheap, easy, mass production. That's one of the reasons we give an annual cash scholarship to a person in pursuit of learning a skill with their hands.  

We've gained much in the information age, but of course we lose some things too. As the nation switched gears in the '80s and '90s to replace votech with computer education, we went a bit too far in abandoning skills with one's own hands. It is good that kids today learn coding, we're highly in favor of teaching the new skills used to succeed in the twenty first century. We're also in favor of teaching the old skills that have gotten us this far. Check out the stories of fascinating people making quality goods. 

Learn more in the Stories of these American Makers

As we became a nation that "lost its toolbox", many people have zero experience with their hands or mastery from "slow methods of acquiring technical skill that take years to develop". Visit a local manufacturer, explore the path to mastery of a skill you enjoy, and look at life through the eyes of the skilled craftsmen at Allen Booth:

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