About Craftsmen

We believe thriving small manufacturers fuel a sustainable flourishing economy. That means thousands of successful independent manufacturers are critical to the long term health of our society, especially when big companies fall. It means your choice to buy from Allen Booth not only gives you more original and carefully-crafted goods, it also supports the communities and families that our successful small manufacturers employ. Woven together, these many manufacturers make up the tapestry of a rich culture that continually pushes creativity and quality forward.

At Allen Booth, we are driven to find useful and well-designed products. Meeting skilled craftsmen whose products are the polar opposite of the plastic throwaway stuff all around us, we decided to bring them together in one store. Collecting the amazing makers of home decor and kitchen goods across our country has become a passion that you can share in by shopping at AllenBooth.com.

About our hand forged garden tools

hand forged garden toolsTuli wanted to be a blacksmith, but found the local economy did not exactly have a thriving blacksmithing trade. So he moved, West to where horses need regularly shoed and craftsmen still earn their daily living doing the trade as it was historically done. He worked summers shoeing horses and upon graduating realized he had built a successful horse shoeing business. More than a decade later, after making products of many types and honing his craft, Tuli decided to specialize in garden tools. He now makes one of the most beautiful tools any gardener will own. Read Tuli's story and buy his products

About our wooden kitchenware

carpenter usa kitchenWhile building custom furniture with his father, Aaron began looking for a use for the small wood pieces that were considered scrap. He discovered he could make a wooden spoon or two out of a piece that was far too small to be used for a chair arm. Giving them first to family and friends, word of mouth spread and soon the kitchenware line was a full-time operation. His wooden spoons and other utensils feel great in your hand, and they come from the hand-crafted care of an expert wood turner. Read Aaron's story and buy his cutting boards or wood utensils.

About our marbles and gems

glass maker usaBeri has been surrounded by marbles her entire life. With a history reaching back to the 1930s, her company is now the sole glass marble manufacturer in America. Her father managed the facility for thirty years before taking over ownership, and the manufacturing process takes place today in the same spot it has since relocation after a factory fire in 1958. Four tons of recycled glass are converted into one million marbles every day, serving a wide variety of decor, entertainment, and industrial applications. Marbles are available in dozens of colors, as are decorative gems with a slightly flattened shape. Read Beri's story and buy her marbles.

About our wood bowls

wooden bowl manufacturerDave started in his grandfather's wooden shoe factory and later took over the oldest and largest production wood bowl mill in America. The hands-on work and connection to Old World style production methods has made it a life of enjoyable work. The bowls are available in eight sizes and nine styles, perfect for odds-and-ends, salads, and major centerpieces. Read Dave's story and buy his products.

About our pewter kitchenware

american metalsmithJim and Sandra combine form and function with their personality, calling it playfulness and utility that results in functional art. Their lead-free pewter kitchenware is born out of love, literally a Valentine's present that Jim made for Sandra generating the spark that would become an entire line of useful tools filled with soul. Hand cast pewter and loving care in production result in heirloom quality pieces that take tools beyond mere usefulness. Read their story and buy their  ornaments, baby spoons, and measuring spoons

About our concrete bird baths and benches

concrete worker usaJosh picked up where his dad left off, working in a medium traditionally associated with construction more than art. His concrete lawn ornaments stand up to the elements for a lifetime of beauty in your front or back yard. He's a hands-on kind of guy, enjoying the production process, tolerating the paperwork aspect of business only because you have to. Product quality is of utmost importance to Josh, and like many craftsmen he pours his heart into his work, feeling that his reputation is on the line with every single bird bath or concrete bench he makes. Read Josh's story and buy his products.

About our cedar furniture

cedar carpenter usaNick started young working in his family's plant nursery. Their most popular product line (other than living plants) was outdoor cedar furniture. When the opportunity came to take over the production of the cedar works, Nick began building furniture, embracing his interest in woodworking. Now he employs several skilled craftsmen, and they build slowly, focusing on quality over quantity. He takes pride in furniture that lasts longer than a lifetime. Read Nick's story and buy his products.

About our cedar patio chairs

patio carpenter americanJames fell in love with woodworking at a young age and never looked back. The cedar he primarily works in strong yet light, the perfect balance for usable outdoor furniture. The ergonomic design fits like a glove, hitting no pressure points so it feels soft even without a cushion. His brothers help plane, rip, and cut the wood. Every board gets a random orbital sander and a drum sander, plus a flat sander to remove bandsaw marks, put on a quarter round and polish edges. He uses a stain and a sealant to minimize the effect of moisture and sun. The result is durable and detailed cedar furniture prepared for your back yard. Read James' story and buy his products.

About our hand painted signs

sign painter usaTerry was born with a paintbrush in his hand, so even when he did not plan to he found himself painting while growing up. The joy he feels in making them is reflected in the light and calming tones enjoyed by those with one of his hand painted signs in their house. Trained by reading trade magazines and painting racing cars, Terry has experienced the transition as vinyl graphics made hand detail painting a more challenging profession, and acquiring a hand painted sign now is a great deal on a simple treasure. Read Terry's story and buy his products.

About our bourbon and wine barrel furniture

bourbon barrel carpenter usaGustaf trained to become a master craftsmen, not limiting himself to woodworking but developing an excellence in metal fabrication and manufacturing as well. A devoted eco-friendly designer, in 2008 he was inspired by the form of wine glasses to make a chair from the barrels in which they are aged. Reclaimed, refinished barrel staves become more than just a comfortable chair, they become one uniform piece that is truly functional art. Order yours now.

About our hickory furniture

hickory carpenter usaBrad crafted furniture for many years before he built the team of people that now create the hickory furniture featured here at AllenBooth. Distinguished by a level of quality required in hotel and commercial trades, the team also designs custom heirloom goods for interior designers and their clients. Hickory saplings grow tall and narrow with the hallmark strength of a hardwood, and exceptional elasticity which has made hickory so functional throughout American history. Purchase hickory furniture for your home now.

About our characters

character designer americaOlaf began building animatronic characters and found unexpectedly a demand of fortune telling machines. AllenBooth features not only the most famous, Zoltar, but many more shapes and styles of fortune tellers in a cabinet. Free-standing moving characters in various poses serve in museums and stand outside shops inviting passersby to come in. The artists are ready to design custom character faces and create life-size groups such as carolers or a rock band. Order an animatronic characterhere.

About our tripod grill

welder americanTim welded in a factory for a full career, and loved grilling out in the evenings and weekends. So he did what any enterprising skilled man would do, he invented a better way. His tripod grill offers two distinct advantages, the ability to easily transport the grill camping or anywhere, and a pulley system that raises and lowers the grill to the exact height you desire for the perfect temperature. Order Tim's tripod grill.

About our mountain laurel tables

laurel carpenter americanJames learned through experience how to build everything in a house except plumbing and electrical, meaning he developed versatile skills as a carpenter. One day while making custom handrails, an idea came that would soon become his entire business. The intricate and natural appearance of mountain laurel was made into furniture and decor by mountainous old-timers, mostly because the woody plant was so darn abundant, but no one was specializing in mountain laurel commercially. Now James makes tables, headboards, and handrails with one-of-a-kind pieces available for shipment to your home. Read James' story.

About our lawn chairs

lawn chair manufacturerGary's story reads like an American classic, turning negatives into an opportunity. After making the plastic yarn used in traditional folding lawn chairs for decades, he experienced a downturn when chair manufacturers began to move their production overseas. Soon there was not a single folding chair manufacturer left in the country. Rather than shut things down, Gary embraced opportunity, becoming a chair manufacturer himself. His chairs are lightweight, well-constructed, and come in sixteen bright colors. Read Gary's story and buy his products.

About our children's wood furniture

carpenter children's usaCheryl and Dick turned the relocation demand of a job into an opportunity to launch a new career. In 1987, Dick's job asked him to leave his beloved Denver. Taking his engineering mind into the workshop, Dick began work that would eventually become two companies. While one focuses on custom commercial woodworking, the other grew out of the response to his children's furniture. Elementary and pre-schools across the country recognize the benefit of sturdy furniture made from real wood, a tactile experience with natural materials instead of plastic. Read more about them or shop children's furniture for your own home or classroom.

About our guitar tables and music stands

master carpenter usaGeorge puts the ingenuity of his 30+ years woodworking experience into every beautiful piece. Traditional techniques from a master carpenter make his work a noteworthy addition to any room. His work includes guitar stands, sheet music stands, guitar tables, and benches. Music his first love, he finds the joy of artistic expression through his woodwork too. George credits the craftsmen who came before him and shared their time and expertise. Read George's story and buy his products.

About our fire pits

steel craftsman americaRick brought a fire pit home one day from a well-known big box retailer. He unpacked and assembled the product, which had been imported and advertised with much fanfare. It promptly fell apart. Realizing he could make a better one himself, he did just that. What was born out of necessity turned into something people responded strongly to. As the fire pit designs matured, word spread and Rick sold them to art collectors, parks departments, and the committee for the Olympic Games in Vancouver. View his amazing work and order now to get yours built and shipped directly to your home.

About our concrete home goods

concrete designer usaAndy is an artisan specializing in concrete home decor, typically commissioned projects such as concrete countertops and outdoor art. The home goods spawned out of a desire to do something productive with the concrete left over from a batch used in making a larger project. Bowls and candle holders are the result... although we have seen the prototypes of some future projects which we look forward to making available here at AllenBooth as soon as they are ready! Read Andy's story and buy his products.

About our founder

usa craftsman curatorJotham McCauley founded Allen Booth to feature the products of local manufacturers. He hand-selected the 35 manufacturers and 1200 products featured in the Allen Booth collection. Contact us to acquire the goods you need from high quality American manufacturers. Quality products and communication in customer service make AllenBooth a great place to find fascinating American-made goods. Browse our items or suggest something fascinating you think we should carry.
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