Noah's Ark Coaster Set of 4

Feature Your Favorite Bible Story with Every Drink

Noah is seen here landed after the flood on a beverage coaster. For anyone who loves biblical stories, this well-crafted coaster makes a great addition to their decor.

  • The details of your beloved new coaster:

    • 4.5" diameter
    • Hand-wrought aluminum
    • Noah, the ark, and pairs of animals featured in design
    • Also available as an individual coaster.

    Two giraffes, chickens, pelicans, goats, monkeys, bears, elephants, donkeys, turkeys, and raccoons hang around after disembarking once the flood waters receded. The design was engraved on a die by a master engraver, then the aluminum cut, hammered, anvilled, edged, colored, polished and formed by a talented team of American artisans.

  • Wash with warm water. Towel dry.
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