Bo Peep Broom

A Broom as Soothing as a Shepherdess

  • Details about the Bo Peep Broom:

    • Tightly arranged handle with a small hook
    • Handmade
    • Local wood and broom corn

    Ordering and Shipping your Bo Peep Broom

    Add to cart, check out, and we'll get your items shipped to you right away.   Enjoy your  Bo Peep Broom build a collection and visit us again soon.

    Questions or feedback on the Bo Peep Broom?

    Any comments or questions on this broom made in the USA the way this man's father and grandfather made them? Call, email, or fill out the form at our contact page, referencing "Bo Peep Broom".
  • Clean the house. Remove excess dust from end. Hang on hook.
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