May 23, 2017

My friend Jesse cultivated a full and beautiful garden at his neighborhood corner, turning a once barren spot into a beloved view and place people gather.

corner garden

Like any skill, mastery in the garden takes curiosity and consistent practice. With gardening that means getting your hands in the dirt. If you're bothered by worms, you won't be for long, as they're one of your best friends for good soil. 

garden tools in use

Using the right tool for the job makes it easier. 

tulip trowel

A rake, trowel, and hoe are regularly used in caring for a garden. 

garden rake

When you grow healthy food and beautiful flowers, your family and the whole community can benefit. 

garden produce   garden flowers

Give yourself or a gardening friend these high quality garden tools made of hand-forged steel with walnut handles. 

made in usa steel garden tools

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