January 01, 2018

In this post I want to pay tribute to Jotham for his vision, choice of craftsmen and his enduring web site Allen Booth. I had the pleasure of dealing with Jotham a month or so ago when he advertised the web site for sale. His online career was taking him in another direction. I liked him and the website and immediately, said that I would buy it as it looked unique, had great aspirations and really spoke, and cares about US crafts in an otherwise throw away age. After a month or so operating it I find It is not as simple as it looks and finding good quality suppliers that can make it happen is hard and demonstrates the quality and care that Jotham used when setting up and developing the web site.

Now that task falls to me, my name is John, John Williams and I love this website and want to make it bigger and better and more enjoyable for you to shop, by bringing new and different items to you on a regular basis. I am trying, and glass art is a theme I would like to add and hope to do so soon. For now rest assured that we will try to bring you the very best quality and service and if you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 866-266-8474 or email me at www.allenbooth.com. Always here to help. 

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