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Rustic Hickory Wood Dining Chairs

Each style is made from hickory wood, available in one of five finishes. Your own sent-in fabric, our leather or fabric, woven cane, or wood rails can make up the back and seat of the dining chair. Choose the finish and fabric on one of the styles below. The many styles differ only in the wooden adornment across the top back of the dining chair. Styles include straight wood crossbar, bentwood branch crossbar, slingshot Y-branch crossbar, cafe short-spindled crossbar, and wagon arched crossbar.

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Cedar Adirondack Chair Cedar Patio Chair Medium Curved Bench
Cedar Patio Chair
Cost: $349.99
Medium Curved Bench
Cost: $359.00
Cedar makes a lightweight chair that lasts a lifetime outside. Durable cedar chair made to last for decades outdoors. An outdoor bench forty two inches wide with a cute curve to its shape.
Backless Wood Bar Stool Cedar Adirondack Loveseat Rail Back Wooden Side Chair
Four-legged barstools reaching 2 and 1/2 feet tall, backless so they're easy to slide under and out of the way when not in use. A two person Adirondack chair comfortable and just wide enough. 20x22x36 basic wood chair
Round Backless Barstool Bourbon Barrel Bench Wine Barrel Bar Stool
If this rustic backless barstool doesn't say waiting area at an 1880s blacksmith shop, I don't know what does. Staves from a bourbon barrel realign in a comfortable bench. Naturally curved wine barrel staves form the perfect bar stool.
Swivel Backless Barstool Rustic Wood Bar Stool Rustic Wood Dining Side Chair
Careful while you're spinning on this swivel barstool, it's wide open back there. Rustic bar stool can match any decor with five available finishes and unlimited covering options. Dining chair without arms, often for the side positions of the dining table. Unlimited upholstery options, because you can even send in your own fabric.
Cafe Side Chair Cafe Barstool Rustic Wood Dining Chair with Arms
Cafe Side Chair
Cost: $749.00
Cafe Barstool
Cost: $749.00
20x22x36 chair for a coffee The cafe barstool has the slimming and stylin effect you get in a Parisian cafe in the woods. For the head of the table, a hickory chair with arms and your choice of covering.
Branch Wooden Barstool Hickory Ottoman Wood Branch Side Dining Chair
Hickory Ottoman
Cost: $799.00
Like an everyday barstool, but superior in rusticity, and more solid too Need an ottoman? Yes. Everyone wants to put their feet up so almost always the answer is Yes. Hickory branch side dining chair with a branch stem in the middle of the top cross bar.
Wagon Side Chair Twin Peaks Side Chair Wood Branch Dining Chair with Arms
Wagon Side Chair
Cost: $849.00
Wood chair with part of a wagon wheel on back Two curved limbs for the twin peak effect For the head of the table, a wood branch dining chair with arms and several options for fabric covering.
Wood Hoop Chair Wood Cross Bar Chair with Arms Sling Shot Side Dining Chair
Wood Hoop Chair
Cost: $899.00
One hickory sapling meticulously bent into a single hoop top of the chair. Crossbar armchair measuring 26x22x40 Side dining chair with a Y-branch that looks like a slingshot in a super cool rustic design.
Twin Peaks Barstool Wooden Sling Shot Dining Chair with Arms High Back Wooden Chair with Arms
Twin Peaks Barstool
Cost: $949.00
Twin peaks in the mountains, twin peaks on the back of your barstool. For the head of the table, a wooden dining chair with arms with a Y-branch adornment that resemble a sling shot. Wood chair with arms that goes up to four feet
Hickory Bench Cherry Trestle Bench Oak and Mahogany Trestle Bench
Hickory Bench
Cost: $999.00
Beautiful wooden bench more expensive but 1000x better than the ones you normally see.
  • Natural cherry hardwood

  • Shellacked with satin finish

  • Trestle style bench design
  • Natural oak and mahogany hardwood

  • Natural color showing through a satin sheen finish

  • Trestle style bench design
natural wood chairs heavy

Styles of Rustic Hickory Wood Dining Chairs

Handmade by American craftsmen, these dining room chairs represent all that is right about the booming pioneer days available in our more relaxed modern times. Instead of chopping down your own hickory saplings, all you have to do is choose your favorite combination of styles for a rustic dining chair that will last as long as your cabin getaway.

Rustic means rural, or made of roughly dressed tree limbs. The word comes from the Latin "rūs" which means country or "open land". These hickory dining chairs couldn't be more true to the definition. They are in fact made exactly of roughly dressed limbs, available in natural bark or four smoother finishes. And they're for your country house, your cabin, lodge, rustic retreat, forest getaway or luxury cottage. Whatever you call it, you have come to the right place for high-quality American-harvested hand-made furniture that belongs in a beautiful country home.

rustic hickory wood dining chairs
Five styles, which do you prefer? There's a slight upcharge for bentwood and the slingshot versions, as well as the leather covering if you go with that. These chairs are high-end, dependable for many years. Just one other question to ask yourself: Do you want arms on the chairs at the head of the table or no?
  • Arms for each ends of the table
  • Side chairs without arms
You're designing the decor in your cabin, so get what you want. Just to guide you, the most common method is to get 2 dining chairs with arms, then 4 or 6 side chairs without arms. Whether you get arm chairs for everyone, all side dining chairs, or a combination of the two options.