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Small Curved Bench Cedar Adirondack Chair Cedar Patio Chair
Small Curved Bench
Cost: $349.00
Cedar Patio Chair
Cost: $349.99
A small curved all-weather bench to sit in the little garden you've always wanted. Cedar makes a lightweight chair that lasts a lifetime outside. Durable cedar chair made to last for decades outdoors.
Medium Bench Medium Curved Bench Mirror
Medium Bench
Cost: $359.00
Medium Curved Bench
Cost: $359.00
Cost: $424.99
An aggregate stone bench for to put forever in your yard. An outdoor bench forty two inches wide with a cute curve to its shape. 30 inch square mirror with your choice of stain in the spindle frame.
Large Curved Bench Large Straight Bench Backless Wood Bar Stool
Large Curved Bench
Cost: $429.00
A big outdoor bench that weight a lot. When you need a big heavy bench that can withstand the elements. Four-legged barstools reaching 2 and 1/2 feet tall, backless so they're easy to slide under and out of the way when not in use.
Wine Barrel Table Bourbon Barrel Table Cedar Adirondack Loveseat
Wine Barrel Table
Cost: $499.00
Repurposed wine barrel staves form an artistic, eco-conscious side table. Bourbon barrel staves and hoops realign in this small table. A two person Adirondack chair comfortable and just wide enough.
Cedar Patio Loveseat Rail Back Wooden Side Chair Round Backless Barstool
A two person patio chair durable outdoors and just wide enough. 20x22x36 basic wood chair If this rustic backless barstool doesn't say waiting area at an 1880s blacksmith shop, I don't know what does.
Wine Barrel Bench Bourbon Barrel Bench Wine Barrel Bar Stool
Wine Barrel Bench
Cost: $599.00
Wine barrel staves provide practical curve to this artistic bench. Staves from a bourbon barrel realign in a comfortable bench. Naturally curved wine barrel staves form the perfect bar stool.
Swivel Backless Barstool Rustic Wood Bar Stool End Table
End Table
Cost: $699.00
Careful while you're spinning on this swivel barstool, it's wide open back there. Rustic bar stool can match any decor with five available finishes and unlimited covering options. 2 ft by 2 ft table wherever you need a little space.
Rustic Wood Dining Side Chair Cafe Side Chair Cafe Barstool
Cafe Side Chair
Cost: $749.00
Cafe Barstool
Cost: $749.00
Dining chair without arms, often for the side positions of the dining table. Unlimited upholstery options, because you can even send in your own fabric. 20x22x36 chair for a coffee The cafe barstool has the slimming and stylin effect you get in a Parisian cafe in the woods.
Rustic Wood Dining Chair with Arms Branch Wooden Barstool Hickory Ottoman
Hickory Ottoman
Cost: $799.00
For the head of the table, a hickory chair with arms and your choice of covering. Like an everyday barstool, but superior in rusticity, and more solid too Need an ottoman? Yes. Everyone wants to put their feet up so almost always the answer is Yes.
Wine Barrel Bar Table Wood Branch Side Dining Chair Wagon Side Chair
Wagon Side Chair
Cost: $849.00
Wine barrel staves and hoops create the perfect bar table. Hickory branch side dining chair with a branch stem in the middle of the top cross bar. Wood chair with part of a wagon wheel on back

Rustic American Wood Furniture

They say they don't make things like they used to. They say America doesn't manufacture anymore. Well this American furniture maker is building quality hickory wood furniture every day. Trees grown in Kentucky, furniture built in Indiana, high quality hickory chairs and tables shipped to you. Available in five finishes, view side by side stain comparison or the extreme close-up.

hickory furniture designs wood stains extreme close up tamarack black forest