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America's Craftsmen are at Allen Booth

Products made by authentic American creators. Stories of the people behind the goods. Every item made in the USA with the craftsmanship of those truly dedicated to their work. Invest in home goods made to last a lifetime.

  • Quality Over Quantity
    We have enough "stuff". Instead we need quality items that function reliably while contributing to the aesthetic of the room. Enjoy the highest quality products made by craftsmen who care. Less clutter, more joy.

  • Sustaining Skilled Hands
    American manufacturing prowess has long been a key to the country's power. Even in an information age it is crucial that skilled crafts are passed on to the next generation. Allen Booth shows young people first-hand accounts of life in the skilled trades.

  • Whatever Your Craft, Master It
    The craftsmen at Allen Booth show a dedication worth emulating. Use their example to be encouraged in mastering a skill, leading to true satisfaction in a job well-done.

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Words of wisdom from American craftsmen.

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Josh the carpenter rehabs houses until he can play in the woodshop full-time.

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Bryan the master carpenter found what clicked with him and he loves it.