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Allen Booth brings you America's Craftsmen.

Products made by authentic American creators. Stories of the people behind the goods. Every item in the Allen Booth collection is made in the USA with the craftsmanship of those truly dedicated to their work. Invest in home goods made to last a lifetime.

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Featured Fascinating Items

Hickory Lounge Chair Gents Chair Wood Cross Bar Chair with Arms
Hickory Lounge Chair
Cost: $2,499.00
Gents Chair
Cost: $1,099.00

American Made Products

American manufacturing prowess has long been a key to the country's power. Even in an information age it is crucial that skilled crafts are passed on to the next generation. Allen Booth supports vocational education, American craftsmen, and encourages shoppers everywhere to enjoy the highest quality products by choosing functional kitchenware, beautiful home decor, solidly built furniture, wooden toys for kids, and gifts made in the USA.